Innovation Workshop: Part 2

  1. Making the Business Case
    • Defining your competitive advantage
    • Winning new (and the right kind of) business
  2. Floor Applications
    • Review of the uncoupling principle
    • Thin-sets
    • Sound control
    • DITRA-HEAT (including alternative floor coverings over DITRA-HEAT)
  3. Shower Applications
    • Review of moisture management
    • Principles of universal design
    • Steam rooms (residential vs. commercial)
    • Advanced KERDI-BOARD applications
    • KERDI-LINE installations
  4. Exterior Applications
    • Project planning
    • Schluter approved details and warranties
    • TROBA-LEVEL Pedestal System
  5. Profiles
    • Wall profiles
    • Movement joints
    • Countertop profiles
    • Shower profiles
  6. Learn How To:
    • Install DITRA-HEAT
    • Install KERDI-LINE drain in a shower and vanity sink
    • Build a variety of custom KERDI-BOARD design elements
    • Install a prefabricated KERDI-BOARD niche
    • Install a wide variety of profiles and accessories

This class is for attendees who have completed Part 1 of the Innovation Workshop program and have a solid understanding of the fundamentals*.

Some time will be spent reviewing key concepts, but an in-depth focus will be placed on new applications as well as those not fully explored in Part 1.

* You must attend Innovation Workshop Part 1 before registering for Part 2.
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